Additional Confirmation Course 2023

In order to respond to the overwhelming demands, Fr John has organised an additional course for children who are currently Year 8 or older.    This additional course is for the children who have missed the deadline for this year's original course, which started in March 2023.  

This additional course will start on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 and end with children on the course to be confirmed on Saturday 22nd July 2023.   Please note that the Confirmation Mass Date for this course is already set to be one day, Saturday 22nd July 2023.

If you would like to enrol your child (currently Year 8 or older), please click below to launch the online application form as well as the timetable for the course.


Additional Confirmation 2023 Timetable & Online Enrolment Form 


Confirmation in 2024


The next course will start in Wednesday 13th March 2024 

If you would like to enrol your child (Y8 or older in September 2023), please download the timetable by clicking the green button below.

Confirmation 2024 Timetable 

Once you are happy with the dates and are prepared to commit to support your child's journey to be confirmed, please click the below blue box to launch the online enrolment form and complete.

Confirmation 2024 Online Enrolment Form 


 If you have any questions, please email our Catechist team on


  • Saturday Vigil 6pm

  • Sunday Children's Mass 9:30am

  • Sunday Sung Mass 11:30am

  • Sunday Evening 6.30pm