Life Ascending (Ascent Group)         

Life Ascending is for all lay people who have reached a moment in their lives with more time to share with others, and a desire to deepen their faith.

It is not life ascending to Heaven, but rather life growing here and now towards a human and Christian fullness.

Life Ascending is centred on three aims:


By listening and understanding, a loving and mutual trust supports each member. We arrange
trips to places of interest, and we go out to tea or to lunch a few times each year.


The service of the Gospel has nothing to do with age. All the gifts acquired during our lives are
of value to our families, our parish, society and the world.


Members benefit through prayer, exploring Scripture and sharing in order to deepen more and
more their knowledge and love of God.


If you have any queries, do contact the Parish Office at or 0208
850 1666.



  • Saturday Vigil 6pm

  • Sunday Children's Mass 9:30am

  • Sunday Sung Mass 11:30am

  • Sunday Evening 6.30pm