Extraordinary Ministers of the Word

If you have a good clear voice and are able to read aloud slowly and accurately, why not consider becoming a Minister of the Word, using the gift God has given to you?

Proclaiming the kingdom of God is every Catholic's vocation, given to us on the day of our Baptism. Becoming a Minister of the Word is a great way of putting this vocation into practice. It is also an awesome responsibility: the congregation is relying on the Ministers of the Word to read God's word to them in such a way that they are able to hear and to understand. This means preparing the readings carefully in advance of Mass.

There are two Ministers of the Word at each of the Sunday Masses. One reads the First Reading and leads the congregation in the Responsorial Psalm. The other reads the Second Reading, and leads the congregations in the Gospel Acclamation.  After the Homily and the Creed, the second Minister of the Word returns to the ambo and leads the congregation in the General Intercessions (also known as Prayers of the Faithful).

There is one Minister of the Word at the Weekday Masses, to read the First (and Second Reading if there is one), and to lead the congregation in the Responsorial Psalm and the Gospel Acclamation.



  • Saturday Vigil 6pm

  • Sunday Children's Mass 9:30am

  • Sunday Sung Mass 11:30am

  • Sunday Evening 6.30pm