Office Helpers

We are in need of volunteers who would be prepared to take on a two or three hour shift Monday-Friday 9.00am-3.00pm, answering the doorbell and the phone. These kindly folk ensure that the permanent staff have more time for the other work that has to be done. As some days are busy while others are extremely quiet, we suggest that volunteers bring along a book to read, or crossword puzzles or some other pastime.

From time to time there are specific tasks that need to be done, such as putting posters on the church notice boards, cleaning candles and holders used at the Easter Sunday Masses, assembling boxes of palms, checking lists of candidates for various Sacraments, answering the door when Fr John is signing school forms.

If you would be prepared to commit to a regular shift or to be on standby for specific tasks, please contact the Parish Office at or 0208 850 1666.




  • Saturday Vigil 6pm

  • Sunday Children's Mass 9:30am

  • Sunday Sung Mass 11:30am

  • Sunday Evening 6.30pm